High Emotion, Trianon, 4.2.68 ('67 on back)

Bands:  A

AARDVARK (early '70s) Falkirk. Richard Dow (g), Cameron Ferguson ( ), David Waugh (v),

Cammie Watt ( ). Band became 'THRUSH'.


ABBA-CADABRA ('03-) Abba tribute band. James -- (g/v), Tam -- (kb/v), Frances -- (v),

Cheryl -- (v), Billy -- (d)

ABBAMANIA  ('98 -) Abba tribute band. Ewa Scott (v) ('99 ? -), Nyree Burt (v), Steven Galert

(kb/multi instr) ('98-), Ross Taberner (ag/eg/d), Scott Burrell (d), Gareth Whitehead (b), Lewis Hawthorn

(g), Nicola Brown (bv), Hazel McIntosh (bv), Nicole Macnamara (bv)

A-BEATS (-'62-) Paisley. Andy Cochrane (v/g), Leonard Cameron (g), Jasper (b), Bobby Ronald (d), Paul

Reid (kb). On STV's 'One Night Stand' in '62 they came 2nd to Lulu & The Luvvers (who played 'Shout').

ABEL GANZ. ('80-) Glasgow. Hew Montgomery (kb) ('80-early '90s, late '90s-), Hugh Carter (b) ('80-'85 ?,

mid '90s-), Malky McNiven (b) ('80-'84 ?), Kenny Weir (d), Alan Reed (v) (-'84 ?), Paul Kelly (g/v), Gordon

Mackie (b) ('85-mid '90s?), MID '90s LINE UP: Carter + Graham Strachan (v/kb) ('95 ?-), Robert Wilson (g)

('95 ?-), Colin Johnson (d)('95 ?-), Stuart Clyde (b) ('95 ?-), Chris Forsyth (v). When Montgomery & Carter

re-united, they recovered the name 'Abel Ganz' - the mid '90s 'Ganz' became 'Empire'. Joe Cairney (v) ex

'Comedy Of Errors' ('07 ? -)

ABERDEEN JAZZ ORCHESTRA ( ) Bryan Chalmers (b)

ABERDEEN SOUL REVUE (late '70s ?) '12 piece Motown soul band'. Gordon Lemon (v) deceased, Neil Findlay (d), Tom Findlay (d)


ABERFELDY ('02-) Riley Briggs (v), Murray Briggs (d) ('05-), Ken McIntosh (b), Vicky Gray (v/kb/vn), Lorna Veverka (kb/v) Ian Stoddart (d) (-'05), Ruth Barrie (kb/v) (-'07), Sarah McFadyen (v/vn) (-'07), Chris Bradley (g/kb/v)

ABIGAIL'S TRUTH ('99) Falkirk. See 'ROOM'. Became 'STONE OCEAN'.

A-BOMBS (-'06-) Dundee. Scott (g/v), Martin (d/v), Davey (b/v), Marie (g/v)

ABRAHAMS ('02) Edinburgh. Duo.

ABSENT TAM ('07-) Grangemouth. Jen Bell (v), Tam Boyle (d), Dougie Cowan (g),Alan Penman (g), Ray Quigley (b)

ABSINTHE (**) Daniel Gallar (v)

ABSOLUTE (-'67-) Glasgow

ABSTRACTS (early '60s) Iain 'Clash' McLeod (d)

AC ACOUSTICS (1990-'03) Glasgow. Paul Campion (v/g), Caz Riley (b), Dave Gormley (d/perc/v), Roger Ward (g),

Mark Raine (g/b.v.) ('94-), Paul Murray (kb)

ACCELERATORS (19**) Frank Kosiba (d)

ACCENT ('8*-'93 ?) Cumbernauld. Derek Park (g/v), David Coombes (b/lv), Mark Currie (kb) ('90-'93),

Gerry Dickson (d) ('90-'93)

ACCESS (60s) Glasgow ?

AC/DC ('73-) Australian band with four Scots born members: Bon Scott (v) born Kirriemuir (died 19.2.80),

George Young (b) briefly, Malcolm Young (g),  Angus Young (g) born Glasgow.

ACEMASTER FACEBLASTER (-'09-) Arbroath. Roddy (v)

ACES (-'66-) Caithness.

ACKER BILK'S PARAMOUNT JAZZ BAND (late '50s -) Stan Greig (p) ('60-'68), Al Fairweather (tru) ('66-'68)


ACOUSTIC MAYHEM (mid '80s) Aberdeen - Roy McLennan (ag), Rod McLennan (ag), Neil Tocher (ag)

ACRYLIC IQON ('06-) Clydebank. Wallis Davidson (v/b), Scott Galloway (v/g), Jordan Crawley (g/sy), Dean Johnstone (d)

ACTIVAN (-'79-) Dunf'line. T. Burns (v), Graham 'Bellsy' Bell (g), Pete Robb (g), Colin Robertson (b), Ray Clarke (d)

ACTIVES ('81-'86 ?) Dunfermline. Alan Burgess (b), Paul Kirk (d) (-'85), Lewis Kennedy (v) (-'84), Graeme Smith (g) ('82), Eric Beveridge (v) ex 'Alternative' ('84-), Malcolm Harrower (d) ('85-), Stephen McKeown (v)

ACUTE ('04-) Edinburgh. Stephen 'A. Cute' ( ), Ross Ramsay ( ), Douglas McDonald ( )

ACUTE RIOT ('05-) Glasgow. Chris Alexander(d), Jamie Barnes(b), Kris Jack(g), Fraser Wilson(g)

ADAM McCULLOCH TRIO (-'12-) Folk. Adam McCulloch (v/ag), Rebecca Brown (mn), Sean Thomson (mn),

Sean Gray (ag), Paul McKenna (v/bz)

ADAM SUTHERLAND & FRIENDS (-'08-) Adam Sutherland (f), --- (ag), --- (acc), --- (d)

A.D.H.D. (**) Stew Walker (g), Johnny Hoblick (g), Wes Walker (b), Kent Walker (d)

ADJOURNMENTS ('03-) Glasgow. Syd E. Fox (v), Scott -- (g), James MacDonald (g/bv), Greg -- (b), John G (b),

Calum -- ( ) ('04-'07), Stevie -- ( ) ('04-'07), Tom Docherty (d), Jim McCann (s/g/hca), Stephen Devine (p)

ADS ('07 ? -) Glasgow. Kemmy (lv/g), Dave --- (lg/bv), Murphy (b/bv), Audrey --- (d)

ADVENTURES IN STEREO ('94-'00) Glasgow. Jim Beattie ( ) ex 'Spirea X', Judith Boyle ( ) ex 'Spirea X',

Simon Dine ( ), Gayle Harrison ( ), Brian Doherty ( ), David McCluskey ( )

AEGIS ('70-'71) Falkirk area. Johnny Binnie (v), Kenny Stewart (g), 'Joke' Barrington (g),

Wilson Sharp (g), Hugh Dyer (d).

AEROGRAMME ('98-) Glasgow. Craig B--- (g/v), Iain Cook (g/prog), Campbell McNeil (b), Martin Scott (d)

A FEW GOOD MEN ('05-) Bruce Watson (g/v) ex 'Big Country' (-'07), Derek Forbes (b) of 'Simple Minds'. Evolved into 'FOURGOODMEN' 2008.

A FOREST ('04 -) Dundee. Chris Lee-Marr (d/kb/g/v), Cat Lee-Marr (v/mca/harp), Eilidh Glynn (ce), Ewan Morrison (g/sy/gb), George Burton (b), Michael Lambert (g/kb)

AFTER EIGHT MINCE ('80s) Edinburgh. Bill Innes (s), Neil Warden (g), Neil Hay (b), Aqua Bassino (b),Foss Paterson (kb)


AGATHA'S MOMENT ('68-'71) Glasgow. 'High Emotion' changed their name to 'Agatha's Moment' (June '68), John Farrell (v) ('68-'69), Dave Nelson (v) ('69-'71), Chic Warner (sax/v) ('68-'71 - left the band '69 for the 'Interstate Road Show' but returned in '70, Ronnie Black (b/v) ('68-'70), Archie Aitken (org) ('68-'69), Brian Lawrence (g/v) (-end '68), Band during '68 supported 'Dream Police', 'Verge', 'Writing On The Wall', 'Poets', 'Hipple People', 'Bay City Rollers', Jethro Tull', opened Paisley Ice Rink gig MC'd by Stuart Henry and starring 'Love Affair', 'Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band' & 'Vanity Fare'. Harvey Goldman (lg) ('68-'69 ?), 'Sweet Plum' (v) ('69), Andy Roberts (lg) ('69-'70 ?). Band recorded four original tracks at 'West Recordings', Falkirk (May '70) and for Decca later (Aug ?) that year although none of the tapes appear to have survived. Played Nairn 15.1.71, Dingwall 16.1.71, Watermill-Paisley 17.1.71, supported 'Genesis' at Heriot Watt Union, Edinburgh ('71). The track 'You Got Me Hummin' on the juke box above is the latest surviving recording of a pre-Agatha's line up, ie 'High Emotion' recorded at Glasgow' Kingston Halls on 28.3.68. By June the bands' name had changed.


"...I remember Agatha's Moment regularly gigging at the Marquee Club in Dumfries in 1968. They did soul covers like 'Seven Days Too Long' by Chuck Wood and were dressed like Mods. However by 1971 they had changed dramatically. I remember them supporting Genesis at Heriot Watt Union in Edinburgh - they had long shaggy beards and long shaggy hair and played bare chested covering some heavy stuff..." A recollection by Dave McCulloch.


AIDAN MOFFAT & THE BEST OFFS (-'09-) Aidan Moffat, Stuart Braithwaite

AIRPORT (-'74-)

AIRRAIDER (-'08 ?) Perth.

AKTUAL FAKTS (-'64- ?)  Thurso ?  Johnny Sutherland (lg), Dennis Thomson (v/hca), Sandy MacLeod (org), Donnie Sinclair (d)

AL FAIRWEATHER & SANDY BROWN'S ALL STARS (-'58 - 62-) Jazz. Sandy Brown (cl), Al Fairweather (tru), Tony Milliner (trom), Brian Lemon (p), Brian Prudence (b), Jackie Duggan (d). some of the cream of Scottish jazz talent.

ALAMOS (-'04-'07-) Dundee. Kris Keillor (g/v), Mark Keillor (d), Fraser Stewart (b)

ALAN BOWN SET (-'71-) Dougie Thomson (b) ('71-'72 ?), Gordon Neville (v)

ALAN PARSONS PROJECT ('75-90) Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson (Scot)


ALESTORM ('07 -) Perth. Evolved from 'Battleheart'. Gavin Harper (g) ('07-'08), Christopher Bowes ( ) ('07-'08), Ian Wilson (d) ('07-'10), Alex Tabisz (d) ('08), Tim Shaw (g) ('08-?), Dani Evans (b '07-'08, g '08-), Gareth Murdock (b)

('08-), Peter Alcorn ('10-). 1st album '08.

ALEX HARVEY & BAND ('70 ?) Alex Harvey (v/g), Ian Ellis (b/v), Dave Dufort (d).

ALEX HARVEY BIG SOUL BAND / ALEX HARVEY'S SOUL BAND ('59-'65) Alex Harvey (v). Final album in '65 featured Les Harvey (g), Bobby Thomson (b), Gilson Kemp (d).

ALEX WELSH BAND (-'65-) Alex Welsh (trum), Ronnie Rae ('65-), Toured, broadcast and many albums made with, eg, Ruby Braff, Ben Webster, Bill Coleman, Eddie Miller, Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis, Bud Freeman, Wild Bill Davison & Earl Hines.

ALEX YELLOWLEES BAND (? - '08 -) Alex Yellowlees (vn), Mike Nisbet (ag), Ged Brockie (ag), Kenny Ellis (db)

ALEXIAN FOLK ( also 'ALEXIAN FOLK & ROSALIND' and 'ALEXIANS') ('70s) Edinburgh.  Alex Sutherland (g/v), Ian Simpson (g/v), Rosalind (v)

ALIBI (**) Ayr ? Elaine Scott (v/g)

ALICE COOPER'S BAND ( ) - Davey Johnstone (g) (late '70s - early '80s)

ALIENS ('05-) St Andrews. Gordon Anderson (aka 'Lone Pigeon') (lv/g), Robin Jones (d/bv), John MacLean (kb/bv)

ALISON McNEILL CEILIDH BAND (-'07-) Gourock. Alison McNeill (f/v.sop), Scott McLean (d/perc) ('07 -)

ALISTAIR HUNTER LORNE SCOTTISH DANCE BAND (-'93-) Alistair Hunter (acc), Charlie Abel (acc ?)

A-LIX ('05-) Glasgow based (not really Scottish - French/Argentinian duo formed in Barcelona !). Lorena (v/g),

Vincent (elecs/v/g)

ALLAIDH MODHAN ('03 ? -) Edinburgh. Fraser McNiven (f), Jodie Bremaneson (b), Graham McLeod (g/call),

Mark Aspden (wh), Chris Higgins (mn), Andy McLeod (per)


ALL NIGHT DECORATORS (-'84-'96-) Aberdeen. Graham Stephen (g/v), George Boardman (b) ('85-'88, '93-'94),

David Innes (g/b/v/hca) ('83-'96), Paul Henderson (v), ('93-'96), Geoff Jones (d) ('94-'96), Iain Rae (g) ('95-'96)

ALL STARS ('74-'75) Dougie Hutton (g/v), Peter Thomson (b/v), David 'Lighty' Lightbody (kb/v), George Smith (d),  

Harry Lowe (d)

ALL STATIONS DOWN (200*) Aberdeen.

ALMIGHTY ('88-'96, '00-'01, '06) Glasgow. Ricky Warwick (lv/g), 'Stump' Monroe (d), Floyd

London (b), 'Tantrum' (lg) (-'92), Pete Frieson (lg) ('92-'96), Nick Parsons (lg) ('00-'01), Gav

Gray (b) ('01). Ricky/Stump/Floyd/Pete performed '06.

ALPHA CONNECTION (-'09-) 7 piece all male band incl brass.

AL-RONS (-'61-) Glasgow duo. Al Ramsay (g), Ron Milne (d)

ALTERED IMAGES ('79-83) Claire Grogan (v), Johnny McElhone (b), Caesar (g),

Michael 'Tich' Anderson (d), Tony McDaid (g), Jim McKinven (g), Steve Lironi, David

Wilde (d/sax), Jim Prime (kb)

ALTO CIRRUS (-'90-) Dunf'line. Steve Drysdale (v/g), Phil Cheyne (b), Kate Hill

(vn), Mike Wilson (g), Eric McCleave (d)

ALTO ELITE ('08-) Carnoustie/Fife/Glasgow. Ian Black (v/g), Ross Gourlay (g/bv),

Garth Davison (d), Martin Sturrock (b), Chris Allan (kb/bv)

AMBASSADORS (early-mid '60s) Dunfermline. Dougie Wright (g), Alan Moir (b), Ross Devlin

(aka Ross Gilmour) (g), Bill Nisbet (lg), Bill Kyle (d), Fritz Freeburn (v/s) ('64-) ex 'Hellcats'.

AMBER LAMPS ('09-) Montrose. Metal/pop. Ruaraidh MacFarlane (g/bv), Sanan Moir (g),

William Campbell (b), Charlie McGuile (v)

AMITYVILLE ('04-'05) Andrew Mongomery (v/sw), Stuart Peck (g), David Bevis (d)

AMPHETAMEANIES ('97-) Previously 'Anthill Mob'. Mick Cooke (tr) from Belle & Seb, Joel

Gray (d), Stan Millar (v), Gordon Davidson (b), John 'Disco' (g), Jane --- (kb), Helen --- (kb),

James --- (sax), Lindsey (tromb), Alex Huntley (Kapranos) (g/v). See 'Bis', 'Data Panik'

AMPLIFICO ('04-) Kirkcaldy/Glasgow/London. Donna Maciocia (v/p/g), Ross Kilgour (g), Dave Brunton (d)

AMSTERJAM (-'09-) Cumbernauld ? Viki -- (v), John -- (g), Jim -- (g), Duncan -- (b), Johnny -- (d)

ANAGRAM ('94-'01) C'nauld/C'bridge. John Jarvie (g/kb/v), Gerry Dickson (d), Brian Lawrence (b/kb/v)

ANAM ('92-) Dublin. Brian O'hEadhra (v/sw), Aimee Leonard born Orkney (v/mi) ('94-'98), Treasa Harkin ( )

('95-), Neil Davey (mn/bz), Fiona McKenzie born Lewis (v/bo) ('99-), Anna-Wendy Stevenson born Edinburgh (f)

('99-), Gordon Gunn (f)


ANDY LOTHIAN BAND (-'53-) Dundee. Bert Cooper (trom/p/b/g)

ANDY RUSSELL FIVE (-'64-) Edinburgh ?

ANDY RUSSELL SEVEN (early - mid '60s ?) Edinburgh area. Bobby Sutherland (v), Phil Lowe (g), Sam Wilson (b),

Alf Smith (kb), Andy Wishart (ts), Dave Robert's (ts), Dave Ewart (d)

ANGEL EASY ('78 ?) Early 'VALVES'

ANGELFISH ('93-'94) Fin Wilson (b), Martin Metcalfe (lg/bv), Shirley Manson (v)

ANGEL STAR  (-'09-) Male/female 3 trio.

ANGELS SHARE ( ) Arran. Gillian Frame (f/v)

ANGRY BUDDHISTS ('90-'95) Falkirk. Aidan Moffat, Gavin Moffat, Stuart 'the Postman' (Braithwaite ?)

ANNASACH CRILIDH BAND ('90-) Edinburgh. Rosie MacDonald (f) ('97-), Julie Cope (f), Andrew Elders (kb),

Colin Wilson (db/b/bo) ('93-), Tricia Matthews (caller), Tom Payne (d) occasional member.

ANNIE GRACE BAND (post '01 -) Annie Grace (wh/p/v), Aly MacRae (g/p/etc), Aaron Jones (b),

Davy Cattanach (d/perc), Gavin Marwick (f)

ANNIE STEVENSON ('07 ? -) Carluke/East Kilbr/Glasgow. 'Herald' (d), 'Shev' (b), Tom (v/g), Nicky (v/g)

ANOTHER PRETTY FACE (19**) Edinburgh. Mike Scott (v/sw), John Caldwell (g). Became 'Funhouse'.

AN TEALLACH (**) Dundee ?  Jim Reid (v/g/hca), Sandy Harvey (f) ('80s)

ANTEEEKS (-1965-'66) Kilmarnock / C'nauld. Frank Knapp (v), Jim Condron ( b), Billy Gray (g),

Malcolm McNally (kb), George Butler (d)

ANTHEM (early '70s - '79, '12 -) Glasgow.  After early personnel changes, the band line up settled down to :

John Williams (g/v), Robert Lindsay (v), Alex Stenhouse (d), Ronnie Finlayson (b/v), David A. Gilmour (org/p/g/v).

Road crew John 'Cass' Cassidy, Joe Austin. Played Scotland and north of England. Began writing their

own material (by '76) covering rock, soul funk & country-rock. Following the theft of all their equipment,

the band soldiered on but eventully disbanded ('79), Ronnie and Alex died (c. '10). The remaining 3 members

recorded an album ('Let It Roll, Brooklyn') of 12 of the band's original compositions, previously only played

live (released 20.6.14).

ANTI CAKING AGENTS (-'04-) Edinburgh. Scott Fraser (g/v), Nick Romero (b/v),

Rick Romero (g/v/th/en), Marcelo Portnov (d)

ANTHILL MOB (-'97 ?) Stan Millar (v), Gordy Davidson (b), Joel Gray (d), Andrew 'Rat' (lg),

Alex -- (kb), Jane -- (v), Jenny -- (sax), Stevie -- (g). Band became 'Amphetamines'.

ANY COLOUR BLACK ('06 ? -) Glasgow. Louise --- (v/g/prog), Andy --- (lg/prog)

AONARAN ('05-) Cumnock. Kenny --- (kb) Solo artiste.

APACHES (earlt '60s) Dunfermline. Became 'Bobby Dene & The Dynamos' - see that name.

APACHES (see Tommy & The Apaches)

APHLIKTED MINDZ SOCIETY ('82-'85 ?) East Kilbride. Fred Savage (v/g), Mike Harker (v/g), John Weir (b),

Geoff Harker (d). Supported 'Edith & The Ladies' and 'Scheme'.

APPLE SCRUFFS (-'09-) Glasgow.

APPLESS ('70s) Trina McNicol (v), Barry Hochfield (g/v), Gary Dickson (g/v),Murray Ward (b), Charlie Scott (kb),

Michael McMillan (d)

AQUA BASSINO (**) Colin Steele (tru)

AQUARIUS (late'60s-early'70s) Bob McMaster (v), Harry Miller (b/bv), Grant Jamieson (kb), Peter Dunn (d)

AQUARIUS (-'09-) Function band.

ARAB STRAP ('96-'06) Falkirk. Malcolm Middleton (multi instr), Aiden Moffat (v), Jenny Reeve, Stacey Sievewright,

Gary Miller, David Gow, Adele Bethel. Last played Dec '06.

ARBROATH REIVERS ('60s) Arbroath. Folk. Jim Hutchison ( ) , Ken Powrie ( ), Chuck Johnson ( )

ARCA FELIX ('05-) Glasgow/Ayrshire/Lanarkshire. Mark Cairns (g/v), Jalal Chaudry (d), Ash Morgan (g/v),

Bruce Rintoul (b/v)

ARDENNES (-'65-) Fife. Ian Duffin (lg), Alex MacKenzie (v/g), Frank Burns (kb), Hamish Hastie (b),

Brian Buist (d), James Robertson ( )

ARIZONA EGGPLANT (**) Angus. Johnny Duncan (acc)

ARKUM ('07-)

ARMADA (****)

ARMOURY SHOW ('83-'88) Richard Jobson (v), John McGeoch (g), Russell Webb (b/v), John Doyle (d)

ARROWS ('63-'65 ?) Glasgow. Were 'Dave Hunter & The Arrows'. See that entry.

ASHLEY & CO. (-'09-) 4 piece Wedding/Function/Covers band. Ashley McCullagh ( )

ASCORBIC ONES ('76-'79) Dundee Duo. Alan Rankine (g/kb +), Billy MacKenzie (v/sw). Became 'Associates' (below) in '79.

A-SIDE SOUL (-'09-) Strathclyde.

ASSOCIATES ('79-'90, '93) Dundee. Billy McKenzie (v/sw) ('79 - died '97), Alan Rankine (g/kb/v/sw) ('79-'82), John Sweeney (d) ('79 ?), Robert Smith (of The Cure) (bv) ('80), John Murphy (d) ('80-'81), Michael Dempsey (b) ('80-'82), Christine Beveridge (v) ('81), Martha Ladly (kb/v) ('82), Martin Lowe (g) ('82), Ian McIntosh (g) ('82-'85), Roberto Soave (b) ('83-'85), Jim Russell (d) ('84), Steve Reid (g) ('85), Howard Hughes (kb) ('85-'90), Moritz Von Oswald (d) ('85-'90), Anne Dudley (str) ('90)

ASTRID ('97 -) Astrid Williamson (v/p/sw)

ASTRID ('99-'04) Lewis. William Campbell ( /sw), Charles Clark ( /sw), Neil Payne (d), Gareth Russell (b), Gary Thom

ATHENIANS ('64-'67 ?, reformed '09) Edinburgh. Ian Orr (v/hca), Alistair Black (lg/bv), Keith Henderson (v/g), Ricky Alcorn (b/bv), Arthur McKay (d), Stuart Tosh (d)

ATHENS (late '90s ? -) Edinburgh. Covers band.  --- (g/v), --- (g/v), --- (b/v), --- (d)

ATLANTIC AVENUE (197* ? -) Jim McGinley (b), Eric Lovat (kb). Evolved from 'Revival'.


ATLANTIC SEAWAY COLLABORATION ('12-) A transatlantic get together of talented young musicians. Grant McFarlane (acc/comp)

ATLANTIC SOUL SHOWBAND (-'09-) Glasgow. 7 piece incl brass.

ATLAS ('70s) Aberdeen. John Riddoch (g/v)

ATLAS SKYE ('09-) Ayr/Glasgow. Were 'Drive-by Argument'. Stewart 'Stoke' Brock (v/kb), Stu Ken, Ryan Drever (b), Colin Keenan, Lewis Gardiner

ATMOSPHERE (-'76) Highlands. Niall Gordon (lg), Joe Thain (2nd g), Peter Dunbar (d), Alsie Dunbar (b), Willy Dennison (v)

ATMOSPHERE ('66) Glasgow. Brian Lawrence (g/v), John Hair (d), Archie Aitken (org), Bobby Scott (b)

ATTICA RAGE ('03-) Glasgow. Richie 'Rage' (d), Jonny Parr (v/g), 'Big C' (b/v), Stephen Bell (g)

AUTOCRATS (-'68) Wick. See 'City Crescent Five'.

AUTONECK ('07) Glasgow. Early name of 'Integra TV'

AVAST ! ('04-) Dundee. Andrew Cook (g/v), Donald Smart (d), Nico Weststeijn (b/v)

AVENGERS ('65-'72) Edinburgh. Made a name for themselves at The Gamp Club, Edinburgh.

Kenny Charleston (v) ('65-'66), Ricki Ash (lg) ('65-'72), Brian Keddy (b) ('65-'66), Laurence Findlay (b),

Tom Davidson (v) ('66) emigrated to Austrlia, Matt Wilkie (v) ('66-), Stuart Tosh (d) ('65-'66), Ian Milligan ('66-'69),

Timon Rose (kb) ('67-'69)

AVENUE (-'09-) Sean Lithgow (g/v)

AVERAGE WHITE BAND ('72-'83, reformed '89-) Dundee. Hamish Stuart (g/v), Alan Gorrie, Onnie McIntyre, Robbie McIntosh (d) (dies 1974), Steve Ferrone (d) ('75-'83 ?), Roger Ball (left '97), Fred 'Freddy V' Vigdor, Adam Deitch (d) ('02-'03 ?), Elliot Lewis ( ) (-'03), Klyde Jones ( ) ('03-), Brian Dunne (d) ('03-'06 ?), Rocky Bryant (d) ('06-)

AVERNISH (****) Adam Sutherland (f)

AVO-8 (Edinburgh) (80s)

AXESS (('72 ? -) London ?  Wilson Sharp (g)

AXIS ('69-'70 ?) Henry Hope, Eddie Cairns, Gordon Dixon, Robert MacPherson, Ian Wilkes (d)

AYRSHIRE SCHOOLS CHOIR (**) Mari Clare Maloy (v)

AZTEC CAMERA ('81-'95) Roddy Frame (g/harm/v) solo from '95, Bernie Clarke (kb) '81-'83, David Mulholland (d) '81-'83, Tony Mansfield (kb) '83, Campbell Owens (b) '81-'85, '90, Craig Gannon (g) '83-'84, Malcolm Ross (g) '84, Dave Ruffy (d) '84-'85, Will Lee (b) '87, Rob Mounsey (kb) '87, Steve Jordan (d) '87, Frank Tontoh (d) '90, Paul

Carrack (kb) '90, Edwyn Collins (g/v) '90, Mick Jones (g/v) '90, Paul Powell (b) '90-'93, Gary Sanctuary (kb) '90-'93,   Steve Sidelnyk (perc) '90-'93, David Palmer (d) '93, Ryuichi Sakamoto (kb) '93, Victor Bailey (b) '93, Gary Tibbs (b) '93, Barry Finclair (vn) '93, Sylvia Mason-James (v) '93, Romero Lubambo (g) '93, Vivian Sessoms (v) '93,

Nana Vasconcelos (perc) '93, Sue Dench (str) '95, Claudia Fontaine (v) '95, Leo Payne (str) '95, Audrey Riley (str) '95, Chris Tombling (str) '95, Yolanda Charles (b) '95, Mark Edwards (kb) '95, Jeremy Stacey (d) '95









The Bands    -  the achievers...the triers...the dreamers



a c acoustics

 a c acoustics

Avast !

 Avast !

Atlas Skye

 Atlas Skye

Atmosphere Ad for Sept 9th 1966

 Three bands


attain stunning heights

of fame

via a 2"

'Evening Citizen'

ad in

1966 !






Athenians Athenians 2





 Average White Band

Anagram posers '98 Accent - card ABBA-CADABRA




Arab Strap

 Arab Strap




 Anagram in '99

Alex Yellowlees Band '05 Agatha's Moment 001a


 Alex Yellowlees Band

Agatha poster ''68 Alexian Folk and Rosalind 1975

 Alexian Folk & Rosalind - 1975

Anagram - Your Song '99 Al Fairweather & Sandy Brown's All Stars - 1962

 Al Fairweather &

Sandy Brown's Brown's

All Stars in 1962

Andy Russell Seven - 1960s

 Andy Russell Seven

Anthem 1976