Bands  Cj-Cz

CLAE HABBERTAE BAND (-'82 ?) East Kilbride. Evolved into 'Aphlikted Mindz Society'.

CLAN ALBA ( ) Martin Hadden (b)

CLANNA DRUMMA (-'02-) Joe Kilna (d)

CLARION SKIFFLE GROUP (mid '50s) Aberdeen ?  Ian Campbell (sw/v), Lorna Campbell (v),

Dave Phillips (g), Gordon McCulloch (bn). Evolved into 'Ian Campbell Folk Four' '58.

CLARKE-BOLAND BIG BAND ('60s) London ?  Jimmy Deuchar (trum)

CLOCKWORK STRAWBERRY ('69 - '76) Jersey & Australia. Brian Hardie (lg/v) (the only Scot).

Originating in Jersey, Channel Islands, the band moved to, and enjoyed success in Australia.

The line up over the years included Merv Watkins (v/g) (FM), Steve Huelin (v/ (FM),

Nick Lister (d) (FM), Rob Kirke (d), Rick Whittle (d), Denny Barnes (g), Cliff Linton (g), Gerry

Harrington (d) (FM), Jon Grove (b). Touring extensively in Oz, C.S. produced albums and

also appeared on TV's 'Hit Scene' ('72). Classy musicians, great harmonies.

CLOSE LOBSTERS ('85-'89, '91-) Paisley. Andrew Burnett (v), Stewart McFadyen (d),

Graeme Wilmington (g), Tom Donnelly (g), Joe McGlumff (g ?), Bob Burnett (b )

CLOUDS (1966-'71) Forth (Lanarkshire) / Fauldhouse /Armadale.  Billy Ritchie (org), Harry Hughes (d),

Ian Ellis (v/b). Formerly named '1-2-3', the band moved to London Jan '67 before the name change. Toured

extensively in Europe & USA. Disbanded Oct. '71. Considered 'A definitive precursor to the progressive rock

movement', Billy Ritchie was hailed a genius by David Bowie.

CLOUDS (late '80s) See 'Boy Hairdressers' & 'Teenage Fan Club'.

CLUELESS (**) Ross Ainslie (hbp etc)

CLYDE FUNK AUTHORITY ('06 ? -) Glasgow. Mags (v), Paul (prog/bv), Jam-Z (b/prog), Art Carbuncle (g)

CLYDE RIVER JAZZ BAND (aka KANSAS CITY SKIFFLE) (195*) Alex Harvey (v), Bill Patrick (sax). Evolved

into the 'Kansas City Counts'.

CLYDESIDERS (late '60s - '00, '12 -  ) Sandy Kelso (g/v) (late '60s-'00, '12 -), John Graham (f/g/mn/v)

(late '60s-'00, '12 -), Campbell Forrest (g/v) (late '60s - early '70s), Jim Paton (mn/v) ('75 - '76),

Tommy Lyon (g/v) ('75 - early '80s) ), Dave Whitton (mn/v) ('76 - mid '80s) ), Duncan McCrone (g/v/sw)

(early '80s - '00, '12 - ), Chris Stout (f) ('90s - '00, '12 -), Bruce Davies (b) (occasional player in early '80s),

Cy Jack (b) ('80s. 12 -), Isobel Hirst (acc) (mid '80s - ?), Duncan MacDonald (b) ('90s). Band stopped actively

gigging in '00 but reconvened for a reunion concert in '12 with the Kelso / Graham / McCrone / Whitton / Stout

and Jack line up. These musicians produced the 'Scottish Folk Songs Of The West' album, the band performing

less frequently at '14.

CLYDE VALLEY STOMPERS (1952-'63, reunion '81) Glasgow. Jim McHarg (d.bass) ('52-'53), Ian Menzies

(trom/band leader), John 'Johnnie' McGuff (trom) died '05, Forrie Cairns (clar), Jimmy Doherty (clar),

Peter Kerr (clar), Malcolm Higgins (trum), Charlie Gall (trum), John Cairns (p), John Doherty (p),

Ronnie Duff (p), Norrie Brown (banj), Jim Douglas (banj), Louis Reddie (b), Andrew Bennie (b), Bob Bain (b),

Bobby Shannon (d), Robbie Winter (d), Sandy Malcolm (d), Billy Law (d), Mary McGowan (v), Fiona Duncan (v).

First recorded ('56), Their single 'Peter and the Wolf' charted Aug '62, band appeared on TV's 'Morecambe &

Wise Show ('62), held reunion concert ('81).

CLYDE VALLEY SURFERS ( ) Edinburgh. Kevin MacLeod (v)

COAST (-'95/'96-) Aberdeen. 4 piece. Danny Young (FM), Paul Fyfe (FM)

COASTERS ('68) Thurso ?

COAST WEDDING BAND (-'09-) Ayrshire.

COASTAL EROSION ('09-) Glasgow/EK. Calum Denny (v/g), Iain McGarvey (g), Tom Holroyd (b),

Luke Boyle (v), Rory Beck (d)


COBRA KAI ( ) Aberdeenshire.

COCHISE (early '70s-) See 'Jamie Barnes & Cochise'.

COCTEAU TWINS (1981-'98) Robin Guthrie (g) ('81-'98), Will Heggie (b) ('81-'83), Elizabeth Fraser (v) ('81-'98),

Simon Raymonde (b/g/p) ('84), Ben Blakeman ( ) ('89-'98), Dave Palfreeman (d/perc) ('93), Benny Di Massa (d)

('94-'98), Mitsuo Tate (multi instr) ('92-)

CODY (1971-73) Ian Clews (v), Timi Donald (d), Ronnie Leahy (org), Ian McMillan (b) ex 'Poets'. Disb. by early '73.

COINNEACH (**) - Debbie Ross (f),

COLD NIGHT SONG (post '04) Charles Clark ( /sw)

COLD STEEL ( ? ) Brian Reilly (g), Peter Diplacido (g)

COLIN JAMES ORCHESTRA & SINGERS (19**) Gerry Cocozza (v)

COLIN & THE COSSACKS (-'65-) Three piece. Colin McClure (v & drums ?), Clive McClure (g/bv), -- -- (b)


COLIN STEELE QUINTET (-'09-) Colin Steele (tru), Phil Bancroft (s), Dave Milligan (p), Aidan O'Donell (db),

Stu Ritchie (d)

COLIN STEELE'S STRAMASH (-'09-) Above 5, plus: Aidan O'Rourke (f), Catriona MacDonald (f),

Mairi Campbell (f), Su-a Lee (ce), Rory Campbell (bp/wh)

COLLINGTON X (-'07-) Dundee. Barrie -- (aka Collington X) (v/sw/prog), 'Velvet' (g/bv)


COLOUR BLIND ('70/'71-) Played Motherwell Town Hall 15.1.71.

COLOUR CODED (-'06-) Dundee. Dave --- (v/g), Fraz --- ( ), Scott --- ( ), Dave --- (d)

COLUMCILLE CEILIDH BAND ('04-) Edinburgh. Carrie Thomas (f), James Brown (g/wh/hca/v),

Sandy Devine (cl), David Hardie (d), John Winthrup (per), Huw Sheppard (g), Laurie Paterson (f),

Emma Pethybridge (f), Andy Mallarkey (ce), Susan Munsan (call). Produced film 'About A Band' ('10)

featuring the band, Ian McCalman & Phil Cunningham.

COMEDY OF ERRORS ('84 - early '90s, '11 -) Glasgow area. Jim Johnston (kb), John MacPhee (d),

Bruce Levick (d) ('11 -), Joe Cairney (v) ('84-'89), Mike Barnard (g) ('84-'87), Steve Stewart (b) ('84-'85),

Mark Spalding (b) ('85-'87) then on (g) ('87-), Barry Henderson (b), John Fitzgerald (b) ('12 -), ('87-),

John Cowden (v) ('89-)

COMMITTEE (**) Aberdeen. John Riddoch (g/v)

COMMUNARDS ('85-?) Jimmy Somerville ('85-'88)

COMPANY (-'81-) Arbroath. John Ford ( )

CONCORDS ( 'CONCORDES' ?) ('69-'71). Played Hawick Town Hall 16.1.71.

CONGREGATION (-'71-) Brian O'Shea (Brian Keith) (v) (only Scot ?). Band charted '71 with 'Softly Whispering I Love You'.


CONTRABAND (-'75-) Ray Weston (d) ('75 ?), John Martin (f/ce/vi/bv)

CONVERSE WITH GHOSTS (-'09-) Glasgow. Peter (v), Craig (g), David (g), Murray (b), Barry (d)

COOLGROOVE ('94-) Kevin MacKenzie (g), Band evolved into 'Swirler'.

COOL RECEPTION ('80-) East lothian/Edinburgh. Wedding/Function band. Wendy -- (v), Sharon -- (v), Iain -- ( ), Campbell -- ( )

COOPER (-'02 ?) Falkirk area. David Dowell (d) (-'02)

COPYCATS (196*) Became 'My Dear Watson' late '67.

COPYCATS (-'09-) Wedding/Function/Covers band. Lorrie -- (lv), Lee -- (lv), --- ( ), --- ( ), --- ( )

CORE (-'90-)

CORNERSTONE ('00 -) Doogie White (v) ('00, '07)

CORRIE DICK QUARTET (-'10-) Corrie -- (trum ?), Matthew -- (ts), -- Dick (trom), James Lindsay (db)

CORRIE FOLK TRIO ('62-'66) Bill Smith, Ron Cockburn ('62), Roy Williamson, Ronnie Browne. Between '63 & '65 were Corrie Folk Trio & Paddy Bell.

CORRIES ('66-'89) Roy Williamson (multi instr, including self made combolin, Ronnie Browne (g/v/combolin)

CORROSION ('07-) Bellshill/Glasgow.

CORSAIRS ( ) Colin Jamieson (d)

CORTEZ ('06-) Dumbarton. Mick O'Neill (v), Jimi Van (g), Jon Dobbin (b), Jamie McCarte (d)

COSMIC HEDGEHOGS ('81 - '83) Currie High School band. Andrew Northall (b)

COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS ('98-) Glasgow. Daniel Wylie (v) ('98-'02), Stephen Fleming (g/v), Paul Docherty (g), James Clifford (b/bv), Mark Brown (d/bv)

COSMO'S COUSIN ('06-) 4 piece party band.

COSSACKS (- '64 -) Took part in the 'Macbeat' group contest ('64).

COTTERS (late '60s - early '70s) Edinburgh. Alex Sutherland (g/v ?), Alistair 'Ali' Watson (mn/v)

COTTON TRAIN (pre '91 ?) Ian Wallace (d) (?-'91)

COUNCILLED OUT ('90, '92-) Glasgow. 9 piece soul band. Ken Fine (s), Drew Robertson (v), Katrina Fitzsimmons (v). Horn section 'Reservoir Horns' added '96: Ryan Quigley, Ronnie, David, John & Ken. 3 female vocalists 'Diva'. Lots of line up changes.

COUNTRY COUSINS ('66-'67 ?) Robert Stewart (v/g), Jim Rowan (b/bv), Tom Balmain (lg/bv), Alex Doyle (hg), Jimmy O'Neil (d)


COUSTI ('05-) Pete Lamb (v/g), Matt Morrow (v/lg), Bill Baikie (b), Jim Condie (g), Isaac Sutherland (d)

COWBOY MOUTH ('94-'96) Grahame Skinner (v/ag), Gordon Wilson (d/perc), Mick Slaven (b/g), Douglas McIntyre (g/mn/b/bv), Paul McGeechan (kb/acc)

CRASHDOWN ('04 ? -) Brechin. Pete (b/v), Paul (d), Dave (g/v)

CRASH MY MODEL CAR ('05-'08 ?) Lewis/Glasgow. Iain Morrison, Tony Soave, Ali Whitty

CRAZY CRAIGS (196*) Berwick. (What d'you mean, "Berwick's not in Scotland" ?)

CREAM ('67-) Jack Bruce (b/v), Eric Clapton (g/v), Ginger Baker (d)

CREED (**) Glasgow. Eddie Houston (g), Davey --- (g), --- --- (b), Robert Watson (d)


CRISPIN'S PEOPLE (-1968-) Glasgow.

CRITIX (196*) Falkirk ?  Sandy Borthwick ( ), Graham Pickles ( ), Gordon Smith ( ), George Orr (v), Bobby Nixon ( )

CROFT No. 5 ('98-'06) Glasgow. Somhairle McDonald (b) ('98-'03), Adam Sutherland (f) ('98-'03), Barry Reid (g), John Somerville (acc), Spad Reid (d), Duncan Lyall (b), Innes Watson (f), Misha Somerville (wh), Paul Jennings (per)

CROFTERS (-'62-) Glasgow. Al Ramsay (g), Ron Milne (d), Fred Stevens (bn)

CROOKED JACK (-'10-) David Vernon (acc/v/hbp), Dennis Alexander (g/v)

CROPPA (-****-) Glasgow. Tommy Jackson (v), Robert Strain (g), Paul Karnowski (g), John Manbie (b), Jim Carson (d), Andy Hamilton (sax), Davie Roy (d), Dusty McSheffrey (b), Jonnie Miles (d), Mark Goldinger (sax)

CROSSFIRE (early '80s ?) Glasgow. Alex Carmichael (b), Colin Morrow (d)

CROY SILVER BAND (1874 -) Croy. Became 'Croy Parish Band' (1908 - ?), played at Scotland/England football match at Hampden Park ('68), Junior Band formed ('75), played in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow on Pope John Paul 11's visit ('82), played

St Patrick's Day Parade, Dublin ('83), played Bellahouston Park on Pope Benedict's visit ('10)

CRUACHAN (early '70s)

CRUACHAN ('86-'92 - ?) West of Scotland. Jim Shearer (v/wh/hca/bo/call/actor), Mike McCormack (v/g/md, Ross Kennedy ( ), John Malcolm (v/g/sw), Nigel Munro (mn/mda/v).  Steve Lawrence (v/g/bz/dul/l.wh) & David Munro (up/f) guest on their album.

CRUMBLE ('70/'71-) Played 'Flamingo', Cardonald 15.1.71

CRUISER (late '70s-early '80s ?) Kirkintilloch. Billy -- (d)

CRUSADERS ('65-'66) Edinburgh. Mike Heron ( ), Robert 'Smiggy' Smith (g). There's a confusing array of Edinburgh area bands all with 'Crusaders' in their name - See 'Golden Crusaders', 'Edinburgh Crusaders'.

CRUSH ('69-'70 ?)

CUBAN HEELS (-'78-) John Malarkey (v), Laurie Cuffe (g), Paul Armour (b), Nick Clark (b), David Duncan (d), Ali MacKenzie ( ). Featured in the '79 Frankie Miller film 'Just A Boy's Game'.


CUDDLY SHARK ('06 -) 'Highlands'. Colin reid (g/v), Ruth Forsyth (b/v), Jason Sinclair (d/v)

CUILLIN ('98-'05) Martyn Bennett (hbp), Kirsten Thompson (kb), Dierdre MacLullich (f/v), Rory Pierce (Irish p/f/per)

CULT, THE (late '60s ?) Evolved into 'Union Jax' before becoming 'Verge'.

CULT FIXION (-'09-) Stirling. Dave Jordan (g/v), Pasha Yousef-Nejad (g/v), Mike Parsons (b), Alan Cameron (d)

CUNDEEZ (**) Dundee. Gary Robertson (v/sw), Stevie 'Mc' (b), Hooly --- (v/per), Alex Geddes (lg), 'Tez' (d)

CURRIE BROTHERS ('00s -) Milngavie. 3 piece. Multi instrumentalists featuring kb/eg/ag/bn/cl/f/acc.

CUSTARD CREAMS ( ) Edinburgh. Kevin MacLeod (v), Niall Franchi (d)

CUTTING EDGE CEILIDH BAND ('06-) Dundee. George Carmichael (acc), Calum McKenzie (b/v), James Gorgon (d), Kevin Murray (g), Deryck Mitchelson (kb)

CYCLONES (-'60-'62-) Perth. Eve Graham (-'60-)

CYRIL STAPLETON ORCHESTRA (-'60s-) London. Eve Graham (v) (-'64-)




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Cosmic Rough Riders

 Cosmic Rough Riders

Cuban Heels

 Cuban Heels

Clouds Scrapbook - Watercolour Days Clyde Valley Stompers

 Clyde Valley Stompers

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Columcille Ceilidh Band

 Columcille Ceilidh Band

Comedy Of Errors

 Comedy Of Errors

Clockwork Strawberry 'Every Little Thing'

 The brilliant 'Clockwork Strawberry' - Brian Hardie (right) their only Scottish musician

Click right for

one of Clockwork Strawberry's appearances on Australian TV's 'Hit Scene' in 1972 - 'Every Little Thing'

Clouds: paving the way for many progressive rock bands

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