Bands  N

NAGUA (****) Neil Findlay (d)

NARCISSUS MEETS (-'87-)  Cumbernauld. Neil 'Kowboy' Innes (d/per)

NASHVILLE SKYLINE ('60s -'10s-) Arbroath ?  Bill Robertson (v/g), Heather Robertson ( )

NATIVE SONS ('92-'93) James Henry (g/v), Alan Robertson ( ), Michael Ferrie ( ), Leo McCann ( )

NATURAL HARMONY (late '60s - early '70s) Falkirk. Roy Leask (v), Duncan Leask (12str g/v), John Thornton (b/v), John a cousin of Ian Hunter of Mott The Hoople. Band became a four piece with the addition of David Lowe (d/v) (early '70s), John Thornton being succeeded by Bill Ritchie (b/v). Their name changed to 'Topaz' ('with shinier suits'), followed by a further

name change to 'Solitaire' ('74). Under this name the band spread their wings to include a tour of US bases in Germany.


NAZARETH (1968 - ) Dunfermline. Dan McCafferty (v) ('68-) ex 'Shadettes', Manny Charlton (g) ('68-'90), Pete Agnew (b)

('68-), Played 'Olympia', East Kilbride 16.1.71, Darrell Sweet (d) ('68-'99), Zal Cleminson (g) ('79-'80), Billy Rankin

(g-'80-'82, '90-'94, kb-'82-'83), John Locke (kb)

('80-'82), Ronnie Leahy (kb) ('99-'02), Jimmy Murrison (g) ('99-), Lee Agnew (d) ('99-)

NECTARINE No.9 (early '90s) Edinburgh. David Henderson (g/v), Ian --- (b), Simon Smeaton (g), Iain McKinna (moog)

NECTARINES (post '8 - ?). The reformed 'Peach County'. Without Peter Barry they then became 'Jaggy Nettles'.

NEEDLES (late '90s - '07) Aberdeen. Dave Dixon (g/v), Paul Curtiss (b), Richey Wolf (kb/v), Johnny Wolf (d/v)

NEIL McCORMACK & HIS ORCHESTRA (-'41-) Glasgow. Neil McCormack (cl), Bill Leaming (db), George Bowie ( ),

Marion -- (v ?), Bertie King ( ), Reggie Scott (as), Gerry Burns ( ), Bert Inglis (trom), Maurice Deans (tru), Micky Deans (ts), Jimmy Halfpenny (ts), Danny Deans (tru)

NEOVIOLET ('09-) Edinburgh. Nicky Carder (v/g/sw), Georgie Williamson (ce/v), Calum Carlyle (g/v), Angus Ross (d), Sam Bradley (db)

NERO ('01) Aberdeen.

NERVOUS CHOIR ('84-'87) Aberdeen. Les Clark (Clark Equus Gordon) (v), Paul Donald (Clark Dickey Donald) (b/v), Bobby Equus (Clark Dickey) (d/per), Neale Gordon (g/sy/v). Changed name in '87 to 'Ramjet Rubber Co.'

NESPRESO ('09) Uddingston/Camb'lang. David Campbell (v), James Taylor (kb), David Timmins (d), Martin Gillespie (b)

NESSIE (-'74-)

NEVADA (? - '72) Glasgow. Ronnie Young (d/v), Brian Corr (g), George Mimmo (b), Stewart Brown (lg).

Evolved into 'Frekels' '72.

NEVADA (-'82-) Aberdeenshire - country duo. Robert MacMillan (v/sw), Graham Leck (g)

NEW ALLIANCE  ('73 ?) Tich Frier (v/g), Isla St Clair (v)

NEW BOSTON DEXTERS (196*) Edinburgh. Toto McNaughton (d), Linnie Paterson (v), Frank Conner (lg),

Robert 'Smiggy' Smith (b), Gus Rennie (ep)

NEW BREED ('65) Dingwall ? Arthur Scott (b/v), Donald MacLennan (lg/v), Kenneth MacLennan (d), Alistair Scroggie (g),

Graham Jackson (g) replaced A.S., Kenneth Christie (kb), Liz Cormack (kb) replaced K.C.

NEW BROOM BLUESBAND ( ) Were 'Chain Reaction'. Jim Condie (g), Kip McBay (b/kb)

NEW CELESTE ('77-) Graeme Duffin (g) joined 'Wet Wet Wet', Iain Bayne (d) (-'81) joined 'Runrig', Rosemary --- ('77-),

Iain Fergus (ag/v), Steve Reid (ag/g), Rod Dorothy (vn/v), Andy Mitchell (b), Pete Haggarty (d/per)

NEW CELESTE ACOUSTIC  Iain Fergus & Steve Reid of above, also perform with Willie Logan (ag), Bobby Miller (db).

NEW COUNTRY SOUND (-'72/'74-) Dingwall. Peter Angus (d), Eric Sutherland (g), Alan Campbell (psg), Davy MacRae (b),

Bill Webster (g)

NEW EXPERIENCE (**) Ewan Barker (d)

NEW GENERATION, A ('68-?) Aberdeenshire. Gavin Sutherland (b/v), Iain Sutherland (v/g/kb). See 'Sutherland Bros Band'.

NEW SAINTS (-19**-)

NEW SEEKERS ('69-'78) Eve Graham ('69-'74, '76-'78)

NEW SOUND LTD (**) Angus.

NEW VOICES BAND (-'08-) Patsy Reid (f/v), Aidan O'Rourke (f), Natalie Haas (ce),

Iain Copeland (d), Mhairi Hall (p), Mike Bryan (g), Duncan Lyall, Anna Wendy Stevenson

(f), Deirdre Morrison (f), Lydia Whittaker (v-f ?), Iain Hutchison ( ), Mairi Campbell (f)

NEWS (**) Jim Taylor (g), Charles (Chas) Brown (b), Gerry Ward ( )

NICE n EASY ('60s) Arbroath.  Peter Myles (  ) - in original line up. In later years the band became 3-piece:  Terry Wood (g/v), Neil Campbell (b/v), Ian Esplin (d)

NIGHTSHIFT ( ) Edinburgh. John Fitzsimmons ( )

1990s (band name !) (****) Jackie McKeown (v), Jamie McMorrow (b) (-07), Michael

McGaughrin (b), Norman Blake (b) ('07-) ex 'Teenage Fan Club', Dino Bardot (b) ('07-)

NIRVANA (-'90-) (No, a Falkik area band)  Ian Wallace (d)

NITEWORKS ('07 ? -) Skye. Allan MacDonald ( ), Innes Strachan ( ), Chris Nicholson ( ),

Ruairidh Graham ( ), Cathy Anne McPhee (v), Kathleen MacInnes (v)

NOCTURNES (-'67-) Manchester. Eve Graham (v) (-'67-) only Scot ?

NO DICE (-'08-) Alec Pollock (v/g)

NO GREAT SHAKES ('85-'89) Glasgow. John Moy (v). Band supported 'Wet Wet Wet' at

the Pavillion in '87.

NOISE ANNOYS (-'80- ?) Stornoway ?

NOM (early '00s ?) Joe McAlinden (m.instr), Sice ( ) (ex English band 'Boo Radleys')

NOMADS (-'64-) Glasgow. Played Cardonald Tennis Club 3.10.64



NON-ZERO ('02-) Dundee. Simon Quadrelli (g/v), Dave Neill (b/v), Ryan Penman (d)

NOONDAY UNDERGROUND (2000 ?) Glasgow. Simon Dine ( ).

NORSEMEN (-'64-) Edinburgh ? Tom McMillan (v), Chic Lowe (g), Don Loughton (b), Davy Melville (d)

NORTH ATLANTIC OSCILLATION ('05 ? -) Ben ---- (d/sy/prog), Sam Healy (v/g/b/s/kb/prog), Bill ---- (b/syb/v)

NORTHERN DANCE ORCHESTRA (-'60s-) Eve Graham (late '60s)


NORTHERN STAR ('02 ? -) Ben Stones (v/g), Stuart Brown (d), Sean Lithgow (g/v), Fraser Stuart (b/v)

NORTHWIND ('70/71) Were 'Power Of Music'. Brian Young (elec/acous.g), Tommy Ewing (v), Dave Scott (d),

Nello ? (d), Colin Scott (d), Hugh 'Shug' Barr (g), Tom 'Tam' Brannan (b/v), Colin Somerville (kb),

played 'Burns Howff' 16.1.71. Brian Young went on to found 'Cava' recording studio in Glasgow.

NOT BIG NOT KLEVIR ('06-) Glenfarg. R'n'R/R&B. Kevin Mac Leod (v), Raymond -- (lg), Jeff -- (g), Allan Shedlock (b),

Charlie Chung (b), Niall Franchi (d)


NOVA SCOTIA (-'16-) Gina Graham (v/ag), John Thomson (v/sw/ag), Celia Somers (v/bo), Geoff Foord (a. bass)

NOVA SCOTIA FOLK GROUP ('60s - '71) Gina Graham (FM/v/ag), Tommy Malarkey, Tony Paton, Billy Paton.

Gina and Tommy moved to Africa while Tony and Billy joined 'The Laggan' ('71).

NSU (late '60s) Glasgow. William (Billie) Hugh Alexander Brown (d), Ernest Rea ('The Big Fella') (lg),

John Graham Pettigrew (Pettsie) (v), Peter Grant Nagle ('Big Nagsie') (b/hca)

NU2 ('03 ? -) U2 tribute band.

NUMBER ('08-) Perth. 6 piece, ex Remnants of 'Cholo', 'Jard', Airraider'. Lisa Cruickshank (v), Gary -- ( ),

Martin Hodge (d)

NUMBER ONE CUP (**) Seth Cohen ( ), Michael Lenzi ( ), Patrick O'Connell ( )

NU-SONICS ('78) Became 'Orange Juice'

NY LIPS (-'07-) Oban. Lizzy Breuer (v), Chris Henderson (g), Johnny Vilaihong (g), Rory O'Byrne (b), Chris White (d)



Naz a Northwind Nice n Easy - Terry Wood, Ian Esplin, Neil Campbel

 Nice n Easy

Northern Star

 Northern Star








Nocturnes '67 with Eve Graham




NSU NSU album late '60s

 NSU (right) and their late '60s album

Images courtesy Dexter St. Clair

Nova Scotia

 Nova Scotia