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Fidycat was born in Arbroath, on Scotland's east coast in 1946, so his long held claim that he's still 18 on the inside is beginning to sound like a wee fib. The toun o his birth has inspired several of his songs over the decades. In checking how many, he's just shocked himself to find that list runs to no less than sixteen :  'I Can't Go Home', 'Inchcape's Ee', 'Lowlander', 'Touching home', 'Later', 'Aberbrothock' (instr)'The Kirk', 'Leaving Arbroath' (instr), 'Spirit', 'Silent Stone', 'Man At The Window', 'Light In My Life', 'Guid Willie Gibson' 'Three' (instr), 'Mither Tongue' and 'Arbroath'.


Fidycat's family moved to Killin in Perthshire in 1955 when he was nine years old ('The Road To Killin') and to Glasgow the following year. It was here he bought his first guitar (a Watkins Rapier solid electric on the 1st of Feb, 1964 from McCormack's Music in Bath St.). Like every other first band, they were going to be famous in a month or so, learning to play his guitar properly never taken into consideration. Nevertheless, he was putting reflective and melancholic words and melodies to chord progressions almost as soon as he owned that guitar. A long list of perhaps unfocussed bands followed, from 'US Images' in '64 to 'Wildwood' around '74. The 1968 oasis in that desert was undoubtedly 'Agatha's Moment', who from nothing suddenly found themselves with something entirely new - a manager. Ian Thomson was a Glasgow shopkeeper who, in the time Fidycat was with Agatha's, had the band supporting the 'biggies' of the day, 'Love Affair', Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band', 'Vanity Fair' and even 'Jethro Tull' as that monster band was emerging with their first album. Just as important was their selection to support some Scottish biggies like 'Writing On The Wall' and 'Dream Police'. 'Agatha's Moment' would evolve into a respected heavy/progressive band playing all over Scotland.  At the end of '75, 'Knuckles' turned another corner for Fidycat for a brief 20 months, the first outfit to make him rise to the standard of the other band members. In 1983 the spark was relit within him by the two fellow members of 'The Key', John Jarvie and Gerry Dickson. It was with them that Fidycat took a few of his original songs up a level and studio recorded 'Scotland' and 'The Key' in '85 followed three years later by 'Storm Warning', 'End Tae An Auld Sang', 'Song For Joe Tex' and 'Love in My Time' in '88, this time featuring George Frame's incredible drumming, The band would re-emerge as 'Anagram' in the '90s, a performance apex for Fidycat, driven by powerhouse drummer Gerry again and outstandingly talented guitarist / keyboard player and arranger John. On the band's demise in 2001, Fidycat focussed on songwriting and recording his song output.

He has an amazing (and very patient) wife, and with three adult offspring and seven wonderful and talented grandchildren, life has no dull moments. Family members (past and present), life's long tale and his nation's evolving status all

provide inspiration for his  songs...

"....a reflective and rather introspective songwriter...."

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